How To Stop Driver's License Suspension In All 50 States.

Facing a Driver's License Suspension Due to Unpaid Child Support

Know Your Rights!

It is essential for courts to prevent any unconstitutional practices that may be carried out by their staff.

   " I am writing to express my strong objection to the recent suspension of my driver's license should not occur without a face-to-face hearing as soon as possible.

 I have the right (under the Constitution) to deliver my presentation in person to the Department of Motor Vehicle or the Agency who suspended my driver’s license. The Eleventh Amendment immunity is unavailable. "

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  • Stop Driver's License Suspension All 50 States.
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    Driver's license Suspension Due To Unpaid Child Support.

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Highly Recommended Reading of the powerful statements that were written and sent by the Department Of Justice to all Administrative (Tribunal) and Judicial Courts. Very informative and well organized references to pertinent laws and statutes.

The Course provides access to the DOJ letters and related specific case laws.  This information is valuable for anyone who wants to understand the case laws that are shared in the letters.