How To File Lawsuit Against Judges Or Officers Without a Attorney [#72]

Lawsuit Against Magistrates & Commissioners


If you are convinced that the next step in your child support case will be to bring a lawsuit against the Judge, magistrate or commissioner of the Family Court. The basic components of a lawsuit are referred to as "elements."
What does that "elements" mean? Well, I am going to break it down for you and show you how this applies to child support.

To Access the Court

    To explain the procedures and processes and give you a few examples from a case that can be used as references.

   I'm going to be talking about the issue of absolute immunity and qualified immunity.

Forced Attorney

    The concept of judicial immunity protection is something that is frequently misunderstood.

    Absolute and qualified immunity are two different judicial protection that are often used by judges to defend civil prosecution for unlawful acts committed in the course of official duties.

Sixth Amendment

    Without the assistance of an attorney, anyone can the right to represent themselves in court and bring a lawsuit.

    If you're thinking about defending yourself in court, a process known as PRO Se or Pro Per litigation, there are some steps you may do to help your case tremendously. 

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TTThe 5 Constitutional Law that are specific to the Child Support legislations and the narratives and conversations that have impacted and influenced the Title 4D program since Congress enhanced it since 1975.

More importantly, these Supreme Court arguments are available to all who are pursuing independent study without a lawyer. Fathers can read the case laws to prepare for their own court cases so as to fill in any gaps in their understanding of the process.