Lawsuit Against New York for 1099 Independent Workers! [#97]

Pay Attention. 1099 Individual Contractors
Lawsuit against Child Support of New York.

This is a long and overdue lawsuit.

Where you can sue the Child Support in the State of New York. Child Support is disrupting our families.

You can lawsuit right now. 

22 U.S. Code §7102

The term “abuse or threatened abuse of the legal process” means the use or threatened use of a law or legal process, whether administrative, civil, or criminal, in any manner or for any purpose for which the law was not designed, in order to exert pressure on another person to cause that person to take some action or refrain from taking some action.

18 U.S. Code §1028A
 Aggravated identity theft

Whoever, during and in relation to any felony violation enumerated in subsection (c), knowingly transfers, possesses, or uses, without lawful authority, a means of identification of another person shall, in addition to the punishment provided for such felony, be sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 2 years.

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TTThe 5 Constitutional Law that are specific to the Child Support legislations and the narratives and conversations that have impacted and influenced the Title 4D program since Congress enhanced it since 1975.

More importantly, these Supreme Court arguments are available to all who are pursuing independent study without a lawyer. Fathers can read the case laws to prepare for their own court cases so as to fill in any gaps in their understanding of the process.