Mother Did Not Put Me On Child Support [#41]

Mother Did Not Force 'MEN' On To the Program.

Mother Did Not Forced 'ME' the On Child Support.

Whether a mother privately or publicly enrolls in a government program, there is no obligation for the father automatically enroll in the title IV-D

45 CFR §264.30
 What Procedures Exist To Ensure (FORCE)?
Cooperation With The Child Support Enforcement Requirements?
(a) The State agency must refer all SINGLE MEN (NOT WOMEN) individuals in the family of a child, for whom paternity has not been established or for whom a child support order needs to be established, modified or enforced (MARRIED MEN), to the child support enforcement agency (i.e., the IV-D agency).

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Mother Did Not Put Me On Child Support

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TTThe 5 Constitutional Law that are specific to the Child Support legislations and the narratives and conversations that have impacted and influenced the Title 4D program since Congress enhanced it since 1975.

More importantly, these Supreme Court arguments are available to all who are pursuing independent study without a lawyer. Fathers can read the case laws to prepare for their own court cases so as to fill in any gaps in their understanding of the process.